Gangs of Byculla

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After describing Dawood’s exploits along with a primer on main Muslim Dons of Mumbai, Hussain Zaidi turns his attention towards ‘Amchi Mule’ Maharashtrian Dons in his second make believe non-fiction.
Here the action revolves around Amar Naik, Ashwin Naik, Arun Gawli and Chota Rajan. He writes how these gangs were manipulated by politicians and industrialists to achieve their ends. For e. g. he describes how Gawli strategized sale of Khatau Mills in Bombay by infiltrating the union and by coercion. Later Khatau Mills owner was killed at behest of Amar Naik.




Apna Congress is honing the art of modicule i.e. modi + ridicule. And by this I don’t mean only NaMo. They will be against the Modi government for any and all purposes. Latest being issue of Smriti Irani’s pedigree to be HRD Minister. Are there any qualification requirements for any minister-ship under provisions of existing law for that matter?

What is Sonia Gandhi’s qualification? She was chairing NAC which has many known eminent members in its rank.

Lets not make much fuss about it. Politics is representation of geographical section of people. There are many other problems in our electoral process which need to be changed( for e.g. non popularly elected people being ministers and prime ministers, first past post system etc).